This world speaks to us of who we are as human beings. Our existence is defined by the overlapping of time−cycles through history, patterns repeated alongside new ones created. We are surrounded and inspired by nature and from a privileged position we structure our environment according to our needs, interacting and relating to each other, while bridging a multitude of different cultures, traditions and thinking.

Today, marketing studies, manufacturing processes and criteria, materials, ecological and economical factors contribute to shape the objects we use and the environment we live in. Design has a responsibility to create objects we use and environments that enhance our lives positively. While empowering us to live "the moment" based on a realistic vision of fulfilling our needs and respecting nature at the same time. The goal is also to integrate the  concepts of what is "Useful" and what is "Beautiful", into a single body. The "Human Conscience" and "Universal Conscience" working together.

I consider design humanistic, technical, and artistic in nature. As a Designer I react to project's challenges gradually closing the gap between the idea and the finished product. This process is based on personal perception and sensitivity inspired by creative thinking skills developed through knowledge and many years of studies and experience in different design disciplines.

The act of drawing is the personal interpretation of observing and thinking translated onto paper. Visualization of an idea can be sketched, or done directly on materials forming actual 3D shapes. Design is more than "Form follows function". Like music or poetry, it draws from all our senses, and above all, evokes emotions.